Taco Night!

Taco night is a guaranteed “everyone will eat” night at our house. This post is more about sharing ideas for the 1/4 beef we have in our freezer than a revolutionary way to make ground beef tacos. But… if you pair plain old beef tacos with my Mexican Risotto and Homemade Salsa you have a meal worth blogging about. If you haven’t made Mexican Risotto you owe it to your family to try. Heck, make a double batch! It makes great leftovers!

But for those who would love a walk through for my ground beef tacos… here ya go!

This may sound weird but our grass fed beef even looks good raw. It is so vibrant and fresh. Anyway, throw ground beef in your skillet with generous salt and pepper, brown it up and drain off grease.

Throw beef back in the skillet and add a bit of water and your favorite taco seasoning. This is probably where you were expecting a long list of hand picked ingredients that I use in my own homemade taco mix blend. Sorry to disappoint! I buy organic taco seasoning in bulk and store it in an old pickle jar! There are some conveniences that should just be taken advantage of!

Stir until thickened and you’re set!

We like to pile ours high with Tillamook cheese, baby spinach, black olives and plenty of Homemade salsa. Who doesn’t love taco night?!?!

Link to Mexican Risotto

Link to Homemade Salsa

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