The Tale of Two Tails

Ladies and Gentleman… our freezer. We are blessed to know families in our area that raise livestock in healthy and humane ways. Over the last week we have acquired 1/4 beef and 1/2 hog. Yes, we will be checking our freezer door everyday to be sure it is securely shut!


As we become more aware of what we are eating we become more aware of where it comes from. Buying meat like this is a big commitment and can be intimidating. I’d like to help take some of the unknown out of it for you and encourage you to find locally sourced meat for your family.

Did you know: one hamburger can contain meat from up to 100 different cows, and that a infected cow (be it with E. coli, or whatever) can infect up to 16 tons of beef? (from Gail Eisnitz’s Slaughterhouse) Ewwww….

I am going to do a series of blog posts showing the different cuts of meat that are available when you buy beef / pork this way and what to do with them. I will tag each beef post with “grass feed beef” or “berkshire pork” so you will be able to search all the posts at once.

Our beef was processed at the new Story City Locker in Story City, IA. We are THRILLED with the results and highly recommend that you check them out for all your hoofed meat processing. They will be doing poultry occasionally so contact them for more details. Check out their sweet website here! Tell Ty and Bobbi that the Kitchen Tutor sent you!

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