Sugar Cookies!

It’s that time of year… time to spend hours on end in the kitchen making plates and piles of treats for family and friends… and sometimes people you don’t even know!!
Better to have too many than come up short… at least that must have been my policy this  year 😉 The majority of these are going to Rosebud Reservation for a Christmas dinner  a group from our church is delivering Christmas day.

If you decide to make sugar cookies this year PLEASE, PLEASE give my recipe a shot. Not because I get royalties on it 🙂 but because it’s very forgiving and easy and it’s never failed me yet!

I like to enjoy making sugar cookies so I’ve learned I need to tackle this job in three phases.  Below is my preferred breakdown of sugar cookie making, baking, and decorating. Hope you enjoy!

1. Making the dough

2. Rolling and Baking the cookies

3. Frosting/Decorating the cookies

Gluten free sugar cookie recipe coming soon 🙂


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