Chicken Bucket

If you were randomly surfing the web for uses for empty ice cream buckets… OR pictures of raw chicken… your search is over!! I’m not sure I’m the first person to think of this but since I did, life has been a bit more delightful. I am not a fan of raw chicken. I’m not a fan of thawing frozen raw chicken. I’m not a fan of thawing chicken hanging out in my favorite bowls getting raw chicken juice all up in them. So… along came the Chicken Bucket!

I discovered that an empty, cleaned out ice cream bucket is the perfect frozen chicken thawing venue. It’s cylinder shape is better than a bowl and allows the chicken to be more easily covered with cold water. It also has a handy handle and is extra deep so you don’t have to worry about sloshing creepy chicken juice water all over your kitchen!

Just drop in your raw chicken… cover with cold water, pop the lid on and toss in the fridge or change the water every 30 minutes or so… says the official thawing chicken guidelines. Don’t ask me how well I stick to this idea πŸ˜‰

You no longer have to use your good bowls for thawing chicken and it’s a dedicated container so you are cutting down on cross contamination! PLEASE, if you use extra ice cream buckets around your house for floor washing water or other cleaning needs PLEASE label your Chicken Bucket… PLEASE!!

Hope this makes the act of thawing chicken at your house a little more pleasant πŸ™‚

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1 Response to Chicken Bucket

  1. Lindsey Nims says:

    This is genius! I also hate thawing out chicken! Also this gives me a good excuse to buy a big bucket of ice cream:)

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