Open Faced Roast Beef Sandwich

When’s the last time you made a pot roast?? If you can’t remember, you need to put it on the menu ASAP!! Click here to read how I do pot roast 🙂 Anyway… always make a much bigger pot roast than you need because the use for the leftovers is endless. Here’s one of our favorites… and it’s super easy… and cheesy… what could go wrong?!

Start by halving a small onion and thinly slicing it…

add that to a hot pan with a bit of oil to let the onions start to tender.

Grab your leftover hunk of roast and thinly slice it, add it to the pan with the onions once they start to brown.

Also add in some of the juices/gravy you saved from your pot roast feast 😉 Always save the juices people… great flavor there. Add a little salt and pepper.

Grab the bread of your choice. I went with gluten free hot dog buns. You use whatever makes you smile. Pop that onto an oven safe pan and toast the bread a bit until it gets nice and crispy.

By now your meat and onions should be good and flavorful and warm. Sorry about the lighting here… still haven’t gotten used to this kitchen!!!!

Oh, and quickly slice up some of your favorite melting cheese…

Now to assemble. I like to pick out the meat pieces and layer them out in a way that maximizes the beef to bite ratio but keeps everything level. Kinda OCD about my open faced sandwiches 😉

I like to save the onions for last so they fit nicely on top of the stacked meat. Also, if I had a bell pepper I would have thrown it in with this… or even some jalapeno slices… mmmm

Once you have your sandwiches assembled to your liking… layer on the cheese.

Toss those into the oven to toast until the cheese is as melty as you like. I like to catch mine before they get too melty and you lose all the good cheese down the side. No one likes lost cheese 😦

You can pair these with about anything. I went the super healthy route and tossed in some frozen mini tator tots 🙂 They are soooo tasty 🙂 I’m on a potato kick lately!! You could use this same concept with leftover chicken too. Ready in no time but looks like you put in some effort. LOVE THAT!!

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