Breaded Chicken Cutlets

My gluten free diet doesn’t allow me many breaded/fried foods. Good for my arteries… bad for my need of comfort food šŸ™‚ I watch others in my family gobble up chicken nuggets, chicken strips, crispy chicken sandwiches and a little part of me cries inside… a very little part, but a part none the less. I could stand it no longer and decided to whip up some breaded fried chicken!! Here we go!

Start with a good sized pile of flour, I used brown rice flour, and season generously with salt, pepper, and any other thing you want. I like to do red pepper flakes or chili pepper or something to give it some spice.

Lightly beat an egg with some water or milk, whatever you have on hand… oh, and season this too.

Pour enough oil in the bottom of your heavy pan to cover by about 1/4 inch. Heat to med-high to high heat.

Lay out your plan… meat, egg mixture, flour. Take the meat and cover in egg mixture. Let that drain a bit and move to flour. Coat with flour, shake excess and move back to egg mixture. Coat and let drain and then move to a second time to the flour to coat and shake again. Repeat this process until all the meat is breaded.

Once the oil is hot you can start the chicken. You can test the oil by dropping in a drop of water or by dipping the tip of a piece of chicken in. If there is sizzling action… you’re ready!

Drop a couple of pieces of chicken in and get excited. You don’t want to over crowd the pan so work in batches. Also, heat your oven to 200 or so and line a baking sheet with oil and toss on a baking rack. This way you have a nice set up for the chicken that is done but waiting to be eaten.

Once the first side is nice and golden brown flip it over. You may begin drooling at this point, it’s completely normal.

Here’s my second batch… it got a little more browned but it was super crispy and delicious. Don’t get too worried if this happens!!

Once all the meat is done you are set to go! I paired mine with a crispy butter soaked baked potato and some broccoli gratin. If you’re going to go… go all out šŸ™‚ Frying chicken is a lot easier that it may seem so I suggest you give it a try! You won’t regret it!

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