Mayflower Nameholder

This isn’t exactly a recipe but I saw these in the latest Pottery Barn Kids catalog and thought they were too cute!! You can buy some from them or you can be like me and grab some felt and thread and make your own! Their catalog has great kids ideas! No, I don’t plan on making this a craft blog but what a fun way to dress up your Thanksgiving table. I figured if I gave you the tutorial now most of you’d be able to make at least one by the end of November πŸ˜‰

You’ll need 2 ship sides, a ship bottom, a needle & thread. If you email me at I’d be glad to send you my pattern for free πŸ™‚ I just sketched it out so if you’re a creative person you could probably make up a more realistic boat shape!

Hold the 2 ships sides together and start stiching at the long pointy end of the ship.

Do a simple blanket stitch up the first side. If you don’t know how to do a blanket stitch search youtube for a tutorial. There are really good examples on there.

Keep on trucking until you get to the bottom of the ship.

Poke your needle through the side of the ship and into the tip of the narrow end of your ship bottom.

Then start the blanket stitch down one side…

All around until you get to the other end of the bottom.

Now bring the other ship side around and pinch the back ends together while you run the needle through them both. No need to catch the bottom piece into this stitch.

Then start in on the second bottom side of the ship.

When you get back around to the narrow end poke your needle through the corner.

Turn your ship over and unfold it a bit to get your needle through and tie off your thread.

Start a new knot and blanket stitch “down” the back of the bottom side of the ship and tie Β off.

Voila!! You have yourself a Mayflower!!

Now to complete it you’ll need some paper cut on a bias, a bamboo skewer, and something to anchor it. I used a candy pumpkin but you could use a mini candy bar or something non-candy… not sure why πŸ˜‰

Write your name, have your kids write their name, and decorate your sail. My kids weren’t around at the time so mine was pretty boring! Poke the sharp end of the skewer into the top of the sail.

And then down through the bottom of the sail.

Now poke into your anchor of choice and trim off any of the top of the skewer that seems too tall.

What you want some sort of food in this post to make it legit???

There… how’s that πŸ™‚ Super cute, super easy… a win win and with this much time left to make them you really have no excuse. Did I mention a sheet of felt is $0.25 at Hobby Lobby? You can squeeze 3 of these babies out on that. That’s like… well 1/3 of a quarter per boat… I’m not a math whiz πŸ˜‰ Or buy them for $6 a piece plus shipping… whatever works πŸ™‚

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2 Responses to Mayflower Nameholder

  1. Callie says:

    Very nice! Is this how you spent your day? Wish we could have worked on them together!

    • kitchentutor says:

      Yes, it was. No music… no TV… just me and my Mayflowers and thoughts… ahhhhh silence! Would have been better with you… but obviously would have been no silence with us πŸ™‚

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