Kettle Corn / Sugar Corn

I’m a big fan of popcorn. I’m a big fan of salty/sweet combos. Therefore… I’m a big fan of kettle corn. My Grandma Joy calls it sugar corn. Either way, it’s sugary, it’s salty, it’s popcorny… it’s tasty. You should make it and eat the whole batch. You should do this to make me feel better about myself 🙂

We had dinner at our good friend’s house the other night (Hi! VanCleave’s!) and Jared so graciously gave a kettle corn making demo. I had never made it before. I followed his technique as he didn’t really measure anything. Just my style 😉 So… here we go! Grab a juice sized glass. Preferably one with this guy on it. Who is it?? Come on…

Don Ho, people!!! Don’t you have collector glasses from the Polynesian Palace in Waikiki, Hawaii?!?! Well you should get some. Might want to start at Goodwill… that’s where I got mine 🙂 Anyway!!!!  Fill it about 3/4 with popcorn.

Then cover it with some sugar…

Grab a lightweight large pot that you have a lid for. Pour in enough oil to cover the bottom. Jared uses canola. I had some vegetable on hand. Use whatever you have! No need to wipe the crumbs from cooking dinner off the stove. It’s just going to get messy anyway 🙂 Turn the heat to high.

Dump in your popcorn sugar mixture…

Give it a good shake to make sure all the kernels get some oil and sugar on them…

Pop on the lid and grab a kitchen towel. Fold/roll it a few times and lay it over top. You’ll be picking up and shaking this pot a lot and you want to be able to hold the lid securely on.

Shake the pot every 20-30 seconds. Soon condensation will start on the lid and the kernels will start to pop… music to my ears!

Keep picking up and shaking periodically even while kernels are popping to prevent burning.

Dump all this sweet goodness into a large bowl… the biggest you have actually. Grab your salt shaker and start to salt. Salt and mix, salt and mix until it’s to your taste. You won’t regret this… unless you are allergic to corn… then you might.

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5 Responses to Kettle Corn / Sugar Corn

  1. Nicole says:

    Add a little marshmallow cream…and enjoy with an ice cold creamy soda. 🙂

  2. Awhhh, Yeeeah! That’s the way to roll! Nice work Laura. Looks like you guys will be making it for us next time.

  3. paige says:

    i just might have to risk regretting this.

  4. Was about to make this, without re-reading the post and almost used a shot glass instead of juice glass…hehe…glad to be able to come back and reference the post

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