BLT Chicken

If you have a garden or know anyone that has a garden or know anyone that knows someone who has a garden you have probably been offered some tomatoes. Tomatoes are in season and they are abundant!! My Mother brought me a couple this weekend and I’d been looking for a new use for them.

I’m a fan of BLTs but gluten free BLTs are just not the same. I had some chicken thawing out for dinner and decided to put a BLT into a chicken roll up… what could go wrong?! It was tasty and something new to throw into the menu rotation!

Start with a couple of chicken breasts. Pop them between a couple of pieces of plastic wrap and pound them until all your frustrations and worries are gone…

or until they are about 1/4 inch thick 😉

Now, time to fill them up! I started with some leftover bacon and a bit of cream cheese. No, I don’t usually put cream cheese on a BLT but I had a little bit in the fridge I needed to use and it seemed to be a good idea… it was 🙂

Next, a bit of fresh tomato…

Now, putting lettuce in here didn’t seem like a good idea so I went with some fresh baby spinach. Next, they get rolled up!

Seam side down into a baking pan.

I love a good slather of mayo on a BLT so I smeared some on the chicken before seasoning it. This will add moisture to the chicken, too.

And… it will hold this on!! A good BLT is always on some great crispy toast. I wasn’t going to wrap the chicken in toast so I looked in the cupboard for something GF and crunchy and went with Gluten Free Rice Krispies. I crunched them up in a bag and packed them on. You could use breadcrumbs or panko crumbs too.


These go into a hot oven for a bit until juices are clear and meat is cooked through.

Sliced up these make a great presentation. The chicken is moist from the mayo, cream cheese, and tomato. The bacon adds some great salty flavor and the spinach makes you feel like you’ve added something healthy 🙂 Ha! It’s no BLT but it’s a fun alternative and another use for those piles of tomatoes lying around!

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1 Response to BLT Chicken

  1. Carolyn says:

    Wow! That looks amazingly good! I eat a lot of chicken and this I will have to try!

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