Lettuce Wraps

About a month ago my Father-in-law treated us to Jimmy John’s subs during our moving process. They do lettuce wraps so I was able to join in on the fun! I was so excited to be eating somewhat of a sandwich and decided I could be making lettuce wraps at home at my leisure. They are super simple and a great lunch idea for those who are gluten free or maybe just trying to cut carbs.

It starts with the lettuce. This time I had some green leaf in the fridge. I’ve used romaine as well and both worked great. Wash and dry your leaves then line them up. Overlap them a bit. This is about 12 inches wide, maybe a little less. I had to use 3 leaves of lettuce but depending on the size you want yours may be different.

Next up comes the meat. Lay your meat starting on the left and leaving about 2 inches on the right side of the lettuce. This will be the end flap and you don’t want your fixins hanging out 😉 Trust me…

I added a bit of cheese to mine. When adding any more toppings after meat be sure you do them vertically. Keep in mind that are going to be rolling it horizontally and so each bite will contain just enough of the add ons without being overpowering. I learned this the hard way the first time I made one of these.

Finally I added on some mayo and bacon. Note: having leftover bacon at our house is just about as rare as Haley’s comet. I made some this morning and was able to refrain from these 2 pieces for just this purpose… pretty proud of myself 🙂

OK, now to roll it up. Start on the left and roll it fairly tightly. If you can do it in a way that makes you look like you only have 4 fingers I’d appreciate it 🙂

Keep on rollin’

Next grab a half sheet of paper towel and place your wrap on the left side.

Roll it up nice and tight. This will keep your wrap together when you set it down between bites… if you do that sort of thing! And yes, I do have a pinky finger.

Pop that on a plate with a nice cold dill pickle spear, some chips, and fresh fruit and you are set!! This can also travel well. If you’re going to make this ahead and throw it into a lunch box be sure if you use any mayo or dressing that you try to surround that with the meat or cheese to keep the lettuce from wilting next to it. Quick, easy, healthy… give it a shot!

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