Coming up…

Since I have finally discovered my camera and battery charger after the move… I’m excited to get cooking and snapping pics and serving you better 🙂 It’s also to your advantage that our local pool is closing down for the summer 😦

Coming up over the next few days will be…

Hot and Sweet Beef Stir Fry

Taco Salad – not the kind in the big fried shell but the kind one of your favorite Aunt’s used to bring to family picnics and mixed up right on the spot. Been craving this one folks… so good!

How to make a lettuce wrap at home like they do in the subs shops… for those of us that cannot enjoy the soft, chewy, delicious, amazing bread the sandwiches are usually on. No bitterness here 😉

and probably some other random things… I have watched a lot of MasterChef lately and have been inspired to try all sorts of new and exciting things!!


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3 Responses to Coming up…

  1. paulbentley says:

    Yes please with the stir fry!!

  2. Yeah, that stir fry sounds extra yummy!

  3. Dacia says:

    I don’t know of this taco salad you speak of but I am anxious to find out. Sounds interesting and yummy!

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