Stir Fry w/ Kohlrabi

I finally got brave enough to try the kohlrabi!!! And I’m sure glad I did! A friend of mine suggested I throw it into stir fry. I was staring at all the great garden vegetables I had on hand and that sounded perfect!

I tried a piece of the raw kohlrabi to see what I was getting into. It was very mild and had a great crunchy texture. It kind of reminded me of a cross between a water chestnut and a mild radish and maybe a potato… Ha! Guess you’ll have to try it yourself!

I peeled and sliced the kohlrabi into small rectangles. At this point it kind of reminded me of the bamboo shoot pieces that were in the canned Chinese food my Dad would make when he was in charge of feeding my brother and I when Mom was out for the night. Oh goodness… Ha! These tasted much better!!!

I sliced up a couple of chicken breasts into thin bite sized pieces and started them in a hot pan with very little oil. Once they were starting to cook I added started adding the veggies. The chicken will be in the pan while the veggies cook so don’t wait until it is completely done to add the rest of the ingredients.

Next I threw in the heartier veggies, the carrot, onion, and a little minced garlic.

Next came the sauce… yum… then I dropped the lid on for a couple of minutes to let that steam a bit.

Then I threw in some delicious yellow squash straight from my Mom’s garden and the kohlrabi… I put the lid over again and let that all steam a minute.

Finally, the veggies I wanted to cook the least, the red pepper and the sugar snap peas.

On top of all that comes the cornstarch slurry… ah yes, and then the magic happens 😉

Yay for summer and bright, vibrant, delicious and fresh vegetables!!! After the sauce thickened I dropped this over some cooked brown rice and life was good 🙂

Hopefully this week will be more productive here at the Kitchen Tutor. I’m not much of a baker and this bun in the oven is throwing me for a loop 😉 if ya know what I mean… 🙂

Garden Veggie & Chicken Stir Fry
4 cups chopped fresh veggies
2 chicken breasts cut into thin bite sized pieces
2 cloves minced garlic
1 cup chicken stock
3 Tbs soy sauce
3 tsp cornstarch
Cooked brown rice

Drizzle about a teaspoon of oil into a pan on med-high heat. Cook chicken until it begins to turn white. Add in garlic. Add in hearty vegetables, 3/4 cup stock, and soy sauce. Cover and cook for 3-5 minutes. Add remaining veggies as appropriate for cooking time. Once everything is in the pan pour in mixture of 1/4 cup stock and cornstarch. Stir until sauce thickens. Serve over brown rice!

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3 Responses to Stir Fry w/ Kohlrabi

  1. Niki Derogatis says:

    Bun in the oven? Is there something I haven’t heard about yet?

  2. Stacey says:

    ha ha… nicely done 😉 Heart you and the bun. See you tonight!

  3. Hope the move is going well. Just tried this recipe and it was a success. Thanks!

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