Kid’s Salad Bar

It’s just me and the kids for dinner tonight. Usually that means a pretty lame effort out of me 🙂 We had some leftover taco meat in the fridge so I was set for a nice taco salad but what about my poor kids??

They are great about eating fresh fruit and veggies so I decided to make them up a little self serve kid’s salad bar. I laid out a few bowls of fruit and veggie options, a couple of plates and some tongs for them to use.

Obviously this was pretty easy to throw together 😉

The kids LOVED it!!! They loved the tongs and the ability to design their own dinner. They felt the freedom to pick what they wanted. Granted, I had the choice in what their choices were!!

My dear son loaded up on fruits and veggies first… bless his heart 😉 The only bowl that still had anything in it after it was all said and done was the bowl of Goldfish crackers… which was the least healthful option on the table… AMAZING!!!

If you have the joy of serving small kids at your place and run out of creative ideas… let them create a meal!! It’s so fun to see what they pick and how much. It’s a great way to start teaching them about portions too… and good motor skill practice… it’s pretty much the perfect kid meal 🙂 Well… tonight anyway!!!

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2 Responses to Kid’s Salad Bar

  1. Dacia says:

    What a great idea!!! I absolutely love how you came up with something fun for them and still ensured they ate good stuff. You are super mom!!! Can you adopt me? 😉

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