Gluten Free Rice Krispie Bars

If I was an ant… this is where I would want to live. This is an ooey gooey pan of glorious rice krispie treats. “No big deal!” you say!?!? I haven’t had a rice krispie bar since I went gluten free 2 years ago… big deal, my friend, big deal indeed. Kellogg’s just came out with a GF Rice Krispie… more on that later.

You certainly can make these non gluten free… calm down everyone!

Now what’s the point of showing you a recipe you can find on any box or Rice Krispies?? Well, I like to think I have a few good techniques for making some of the tastiest, gooeyest, easy to clean up after treats around. Humor me…

First grab a microwave safe bowl and drop in 3-4Tbs salted butter. A little extra butter is always nice šŸ™‚ Also, this isn’t on the box but I add in about 1/2 tsp salt. There is a lot of sweet in this recipe and nothing brings out the best in sweet tastes like salt. This won’t make the bars salty and if you didn’t know it you’d never think differently. Oh, and rub the sides of the bowl with butter.

Next comes a bag (10oz) of marshmallows. Large or small… doesn’t matter. I always throw in a few more just for fun. Can you ever have too much marshmallowy goodness??

Drum roll please… I’m so excited about these. There are so many non-nutritive recipes I can make with these it’s not even funny. I’m not the only one excited, did you know Pop is gluten intolerant? Got his name after rumors of his IBS related intolerance symptoms. I mean, come on, look how excited he is šŸ˜‰

OK, my biggest tip in making these things… spray or butter everything!!!The bowl you melt the marshmallows and butter in… the bowl you put the rice krispies in… the pan you are going to put the bars in… the spatula you use to stir everything… everything should have a coating of nonstick on it. You’ll thank me later.

Here in my pre greased bowl I have my GF RKs. You can use regular Rice Krispies and they’ll be just as amazing.

This will probably be the only time I will tell you to microwave anything. Cooking in a microwave destroys most all nutritional value in any food but since we’re talking marshmallows… go for it šŸ™‚ Microwave the butter and marshmallows!!

Then pour that mixture over your rice krispies…

Stir to coat… notice the mixture isn’t sticking to the sides of the bowl… you’re welcome.

If you must, and I must, add in some M&Ms you got on clearance after Easter that have been in the back of your freezer.

Stir to combine and dump into your pre greased 9 by 13″ pan.

Look at this bowl… told you clean up would be a snap!!

Once you have it in your pan rub a little bit of butter on your fingers and pat the bars down into the pan and let them set up… or dig a goey piece out of the corner cause you’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time šŸ™‚

You just can’t beat a classic!! Hope I’ve given you a tip or technique to try out next time you make these!

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5 Responses to Gluten Free Rice Krispie Bars

  1. Amber says:

    I have a recipe for home made no bake clif bars that use rice crispies….I will pass it along now. They are really good and really easy!

  2. Kathy says:

    I made GF rice krispie treats last weekend too–minus the Easter m & m ‘s. šŸ™‚ It was quite a big deal at our house too. My trick is to spray a piece of wax paper to press the rice krispie mixture into the pan. I’d be interested in the clif bars too. Thanks!

  3. Cara says:

    I went right for the scotcharoos. They are in the pan cooling right now – cannot wait – they are all mine !!!

  4. val says:

    Where are all the gluten free rice krispies??? I cant find any in Lanarkshire……..

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