Rice Cooker 101

Yes, we had stir fry for dinner again and it was delicious!!!

Yes, I made the rice in rice cooker…

Yes, I also made a video showing you how to make rice in a rice cooker…

Yes, it’s cheesy… but there’s an exciting announcement in there so you gotta watch no matter how painful it is 🙂

To enter leave the name of your favorite restaurant dish in the comments. Winner will be chosen at random. No entries past midnight Friday night! Good luck!!

Aroma did not sponsor this giveaway… they have no idea who I am… just a gift from me to you 🙂

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10 Responses to Rice Cooker 101

  1. Dacia says:

    My favorite restaurant dish is panang curry over jasmine rice. Yum!

    P.S. I loved that video! It was awesome!

    • kitchentutor says:

      Thanks! I was hesitant to post it considering how dramatic I seem in it 🙂 Ha! I’ll work on that before my next video… if there is such!!

      • Dacia says:

        I didn’t think you seemed dramatic. It is probably different watching yourself on camera though, we tend to be much tougher critics.

        Random question, unrelated to your post: I have been meaning to ask you if you ever make Kale chips?

      • kitchentutor says:

        I haven’t but have heard great things about them… I think I’ll give them a shot. Have you ??? If so, give me some tips!!

      • Dacia says:

        I tried to make a batch this weekend. They came out way too salty. To make matters worse, they must not have been sufficiently cooled when I packaged them up and in turn they got all sad and soggy. They ended up in the garbage- unedible. I want to try again though because they are super healthy compared to chips.

  2. Accalia says:

    Spicy Ceviche

  3. Jane says:

    Yay! Love that you added video! 🙂
    Favorite restaurant dish… veggie burgers. I like to try them all… some have been awful, some have been downright scary, and some have been delicious.

  4. Callie says:

    Its a toss up between Cedar Planked Salmon or Chilli
    Cheese Grits with Shrimp.
    Cool Video! 😉

  5. Caitlin says:

    Lookin’ good! I love The Cafe’s salmon sandwich.

  6. jmtwid says:

    My favorite restaurant dish is from Stokes in Omaha … Sharon’s (almost) Famous Chicken Enchiladas. These things are bathed in melty cheese. I also LOVE sushi, but have never tried to make it at home. It always scares me to think about buying raw fish in the midwest.

    LOVE the video. Have you ever tried a Flip Cam?? I use it for my blog and love it. XOXO

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