Chicken Stuffed w/ Blue Cheese

This chicken was super tasty… and so was the risotto in the background, which I’ll post on next 😉 I’m a big fan of stuffed chicken. It’s an easy way to really dress up a simple chicken breast and it can be done with so many different stuffing ingredients. I had some blue cheese on hand… and this is how it came about…

OK… so this was a wild card ingredient but I kinda liked it. Finely diced cranberry… I had some frozen cranberry in the freezer and decided to give it a shot. Would I do it if I had a second chance… maybe… if you’re up for something new, never be afraid to give it a shot! You never know!!!

I could just open this up and eat it like an apple slice… I love blue cheese and Maytag blue cheese is my favorite. Works out nicely that it’s made only miles away here in Iowa… anyway…

i used 4 chicken breasts. I had just cut these off the bone so they look a little rough…

Next you’ll need to filet each chicken breast. This is kinda tricky and intimadating the first time around. You’ll also butcher your first couple of tries but practice makes perfect so stick with it. It’s just like cutting open a hamburger bun… made of meat… yeah… just practice…

Next cut your cheese into 4 chunks and place each one inside a chicken breast.

This is where I threw in the cranberries. I didn’t do that many since I didn’t know how it would taste.

Next close up each chicken breast with a toothpick or 2… another task that improves with practice.

Preheat your oven to 350 and drizzle on some oil.

Season with salt and pepper.

i was going to top them with chopped walnuts, but I had some pistachios leftover from the last time I stuffed chicken so I decided to use those instead…

25-30 minutes later… depending on the size of your chicken and your oven… here they are!!

I had cooked mine a little too long and the cheese had mostly melted but the flavor had penetrated the chicken and it was so delicious. The cranberries had turned the blue cheese into a very delicate lavendar 😉 All in all it was a winner winner chicken dinner… and oh, that risotto…

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