Cutting a Watermelon


I once ate an entire watermelon by myself in one sitting. Not a good idea, by the way…

Anyway, watermelon can be frustrating to cut so I thought I’d show you how I do it…

Start with a watermelon. Ha! Lay it on it’s side and look for the ‘bottom’ or the side it was most likely laying on the ground. The most flat side. On this melon it was on the top right.

Stand your watermelon on end…

and slice off a section of the flat end. This is going to give your watermelon a more stable base so that when you are slicing it you’re not worried about it rolling or sliding around.

Now you can set your watermelon down on the cut edge and it’s not going anywhere.

Next I slice off the end piece…

and continue down the melon making thick slices and stacking them up.

until I’m left with a stack of slices like this…

Next I take the tip of my knife and run it along the inside of the rind starting at the cut edge I made at the beginning.

Then you can simply pull the rind off and away from the fruit.

BAM!! Steak ‘O Watermelon!

Now you can slice it dice it or just pick up the whole thing and eat it. If you want to leave the rind still attached for people to pick up and eat just cut it into triangles after you are done slicing it. See… it’s not so bad… go buy a watermelon 🙂

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