Mustard Eggs

Yep, you read that right. I’d like to think most families have a dish like this. Something your family has eaten forever and so you assume it’s a common dish. Then you grow up and mention it to someone else and they look at you like you’re crazy. For our family one of those dishes is mustard eggs.

We eat it for breakfast but it could be a light lunch too I guess. Here’s how they are made…

Place your eggs in a pan and cover with cold water…

Bring the water to a boil. There are different opinions on how to cook the perfect hard boiled egg so if you already have a method apply that here. I boil mine for about 7 minutes and then turn the heat off and put the lid on for 1 minute. Then I put the pan in the sink and run cold water into it until it is cool enough for me to reach in and grab the eggs.

You then peel the eggs and put them into a bowl. I’m terrible at peeling eggs, by the way.

Then you use a fork to open up the eggs…

Then you squirt on some Dijon mustard. I prefer Grey Poupon… I like a LOT of mustard…

Then simply smash it all together. I added a bit of salt to mine too. Meanwhile, you should have been making some toast…
I just put a glob of the egg mixture on the toast and away I go. I guess it’s kinda like deviled eggs on toast. It’s quick and easy and it reminds me of growing up and spending mornings with my Dad eating this dish.

I’d love to hear about any seemingly uncommon dishes you and your family love…

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3 Responses to Mustard Eggs

  1. Callie says:

    yumm! And nice nails!

  2. Dacia says:

    My family recipe for red sauce, liek spaghetti sauce, includes braciole which is browned and braised in the sauce alongside meatballs. I love braciole and thought it was something every other family ate as a child until I learned it was an Italian thing and even my friend’s Sicilian family didn’t know what it was.

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