Black Bean Burger

This was a first at our house. I’ve secretly wanted to try a meatless burger for a while and finally got around to it. I know I have a few vegetarian readers out there so please leave some comments on how you make these and any tips you have. This is how my attempt went.

Oh, and I made a carrot salad/slaw to go with it…

For the carrot slaw I took 5 smaller carrots

shredded them up…

Then I used my handy dandy ream (love this thing) to get about 2 tablespoons of lemon juice to add to the carrots

I also drizzled on a little bit of olive oil…

I grabbed 4 scallions/green onions. 1/2 went to the carrots, 1/2 to the burgers…

Sliced them  up thinly…

Seasoned it with salt and pepper

Gave it a good toss and it was done.

Now on to the burgers… I saw a recipe that called for canned lentils but I didn’t have any of those so I went with black beans…

I gave them a good rinse and set them up to dry for an hour or so…

When most of the moisture had dripped off I added a couple of slices of GF bread to the bottom of my Ninja, you could do this in a food processor too. If you are using regular bread I would only use one slice. GF bread is freakishly smaller than regular bread. I guess the manufacturers believe GF folks are all tiny with small appetites 😉

Anyway… obliterate the bread into small bits…

Then add in your black beans, lentils… or whatever bean/legume you choose to use…

Next comes an egg…

Then some salt and pepper…

and the rest of your scallions. I also added about a tablespoon of ground flax.

Then I obliterated that… I wish I had not pureed it so much. I think it would have been better to have some chunks of bean in there for texture. I guess I kinds underestimated the power of the Ninja 🙂

I then dumped the mix out on a plate to divide it into 4 parts. Meanwhile I heated a couple of tablespoons of olive oil up in a pan. I didn’t form the patties until the oil was hot and I could drop them right into the pan.

Here’s what they looked like… pretty much like a burger… I cooked them for about 5 minutes on each side.

Here’s what the done side looked like… not too bad

I served mine with chips and carrot salad. I dropped on a dollop of greek yogurt and a few extra scallions… not too shabby! The flavor was great but I’d love to know how anyone else makes these for future modifications.

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