Chicken Tostadas

Ever made chicken tostadas? I hadn’t until tonight!! I saw them on the menu at a Mexican restaurant recently and I had a leftover chicken breast in the fridge so… I decided to give them a shot! Here’s how it went…

BTW… this post is going to be full of terrible pics. I was in a hurry and didn’t really look at them while I was taking them… my apologies… Anyway… I started with some mini bell peppers.

I sliced them up very thinly

along with some onion

I dropped them into a bowl…

dumped in about a cup of frozen corn…

a couple of big spoonfulls of the best salsa ever… click here for the recipe

and about a tablespoon or maybe less of olive oil

I seasoned with salt and pepper and gave it a good stir.

I dumped all this onto a parchment lined baking sheet and threw in the oven at 450

Next I grabbed my leftover chicken breast and sliced it into thin strips.

After the veggies had been roasting for about 20 minutes I added the chicken in and popped it back in the oven just long enough for the chicken to get warmed up.

While I was waiting for that I got out 3 corn tortillas and brushed on a little olive oil

When all the fixin’s were hot I put them in a bowl and covered them, took the parchment paper off the pan and dropped on the tortillas

I added some shredded cheddar and threw them back into the oven

until they looked like this… if you didn’t want to do cheese you could do refried black beans…

I threw one of these on a plate…

added on the chicken and pepper mixture…

topped with a bit more salsa and off we went… oh, and I had made a batch of brown rice in the rice cooker. After it was cooked I squeezed the juice of 1/2 a lime over the top and tossed it together… it was a good pairing. If you have some leftover chicken some night and some extra veggies… give these a try!! Super easy!!

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2 Responses to Chicken Tostadas

  1. Yum! That looks super tasty. I will definetly have to try it out. One question: Other than the size is there a difference cooking with the mini bell peppers vs. regular bell peppers? Are they spicy?

    • kitchentutor says:

      They cook up just the same. They are sweet bell peppers just like the larger ones. I get them at Sam’s Club. I like them because my kids LOVE eating them raw. I just chop off the top and they carry them around and eat them! Vegetables retain their nutritional value longer if they have not been cut into, which is another reason I like these little ones… you can grab just what you need!

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