Tuna Melts – Classic

Nothing crazy here folks… just a good ole tuna melt. I hadn’t had one of these forever. Today was one of those gorgeous spring days that didn’t motivate me to spend much time meal planning and thinking ahead to dinner so when 5 o’clock came around and the family was hungry I pulled this classic out of my pocket and it hit the spot.

A couple of cans of tuna go into a bowl with a clove of minced garlic…

A little bit of minced onion… it’d probably be safe for you to assume any non-dessert recipe I make on here is going to have garlic and onion in it. They are both amazingly healthy, cheap, and full of flavor… I say why not!

Next I diced up a couple small dill pickles…

Seasoned with salt and pepper

Threw in a dollop of mayo…real mayo… if you use that other stuff, please don’t tell me…

I gave it all a good stir and there you go!

While that was all being mixed up I pre-toasted some bread. You want the bread to start out toasted so that when it absorbs the moisture of the tuna mixture it will retain its  texture and crisp back up easily in the oven.

Sorry… lighting change… I topped each with a good amount of tuna mix and a bit of shredded sharp cheddar. Back in the day my Mom would slice up black olives and make faces on them for my brother and I… super sweet 😉 Next I popped mine into the toaster oven, you could use your regular oven if you don’t have one. Let the cheese get good and melty and the tuna will get all warm and creamy and everything will just be great!

I paired ours with some quickly steamed broccoli sprinkled with salt and parmesan. It was tasty. If you’ve never made these or can’t remember the last time you did… give them a try!!

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