Organic vs. Non-organic produce

Fresh produce should make up over half of your diet… in a perfect world…

Produce is expensive… organic produce is even MORE expensive!!

Not all non-organic produce is dangerously laden with pesticides and chemicals, but some is… eww.

Check out the link below to Focus Organic. The outline what is know as the Clean Fifteen and the Dirty Dozen. Basically, what you can get away with buying non-organic and what you should be willing to spend a little extra dough on to avoid ingesting icky stuff your body can’t benefit from.

Here is an excerpt from their site which makes it a motivating thing to consider…

For a number of reasons, purchasing organic produce is becoming increasingly popular, but it still remains too expensive for many. Switching over to organic groceries can be a difficult, and expensive, task. For those who want to start the switch, but cannot afford to buy all organic, it is important to know which fruits and vegetables are less contaminated with pesticides, and which are important to purchase organic. By avoiding the 12 dirtiest fruits and vegetables, or buying them organic, we can lower our pesticide exposure by almost 90%.

Click here for the full article and list of produce

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2 Responses to Organic vs. Non-organic produce

  1. Thanks for the link. I am just starting to try and get more organic things for my familiy.

  2. Tracy says:

    Darn.. I bought non-organic carrots today because they were half the price of organic and I didn’t think they were on the dirty dozen list.. but they are! The organic section at my local grocery store is pretty small, they don’t even offer organic strawberries. I’m looking forward to summer when I can buy organic at the local farmer’s markets!

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