Good for you Giveaway!!

I was so excited about the feedback from email and comments about the NanoGreens that I added to my pre-feed smoothie that I had a little chat with my Chiropractor and he agreed that we should give a container of it away!!

To give you a little info on it here’s Dr. Michael’s schpeel on Nano Greens… good stuff in here 🙂

Do you realize that the best recommendation for veggies (not fruit-high sugar content) is 10-12 servings per day?  How many people actually do that?  The best of us maybe get half and of those half, we are usually eating veggies full of chemicals… (pesticides and other stuff sprayed on them during growth).  On top of eating veggies full of harsh chemicals we are putting these veggies in the MICROWAVE and KILLING any nutrional value they may contain.  So of these few servings, we really are getting minimal benefits…
I used to take 20-30 vitamins a day….some people like that and those that do I provide supplements.  Now I take 8-10.

I used to eat eggs, peanut butter, yogurt, bread, cereal for breakfast.  Our body has been starved of food for 10 hours and this is the fuel we put in it?  Crazy.  So what I recommend is displacing all the CRAP we eat for breakfast and replacing it with an amzing whole food supplement.  No artificial anything, no sweeteners…just pure organic dark green health veggies all in a yummy powder.  You can also add the nano epa which is the healthy fatty acids….long story about those too.  If there is one supplement that EVERYONE should be on, its an EPA/DHA supplement.
One scoop of the epa is the recom amt.  One scoop of nanogreens is over 10 servings of high quality, organic, super health veggies!  Go for it.  Be healthy!

So there you have it!! Now who wants it??? To enter the contest leave a comment telling of a way that you add/sneak in nutritional food into your/your family’s diet. The contest ends Wednesday night at midnight so get your entries in before that!!

Dr. Michael owns Family Chiropractic Clinic in Ames, IA. He has this to say about chiropractic…

Chirpractic isnt about bones or twisting necks.  Its about the nervous system.  Can anything funciton in our bodies wo nerve impulse? NO.  Chiropractic in its truest form works to do more than fix sore necks or low backs.  its about function!  Symptoms are feelings…and can be liars!  They are like the check engine light on your dashboard.  The light isnt the could cover it up but that doesnt fix the reason for the light going on…there is something deeper…something on the INSIDE!
So a chiroprator looks at the spine….because by design the spine is what is the protector of the nervous system!  But if the spine shifts, bends or twists out of its optimal position it no longer protects the nerves but begins to crowd them…inhibiting them from communicating fully.  Research has shown thta the weight of a quarter can shut down up to 60% of a spinal nerve function!  BIG DEAL!  So if you have asthma, reflux, cramping, constipation…you name it…>GET YOUR SPINE CHECKED FIRST!!!

You can schedule appointments at Family Chiropractic by calling (515) 233-9087.
Family Chiropractic offers a complete line of vitamins and whole food supplements.
For more info on NanoGreens check out
Thanks, Dr. Michael for providing the NanoGreens for the giveaway!!
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11 Responses to Good for you Giveaway!!

  1. stacey says:

    Unless my roommates are sneaking it into my cereal (for breakfast AND Dinner), I ain’t getting any!

  2. Sarah says:

    I put flax seed in just about everything! That’s all I got. 🙂

  3. Laura says:

    HI! I ‘ve been making smoothies with spinach, oj, and berries. Otherwise, thanks to Caiden’s diet, mostly organic stuff and whole grains, veggies in baked products, fruit, and lean meat. PS… Does the powder have any allergens , or any of the following? bananna, flax, corn, or carrots? (Caiden can’t have those….)

  4. Nicole says:

    I agree with Stacey! I saw Ashley add this to their smoothies one morning, but forgot about it. I’ll have to look in to it a little more. Thanks for sharing! Now here’s a question…would you add it to regular food? Or just to the smoothies?

    • kitchentutor says:

      I’ve never added it to any food other than smoothies or just juice… Not sure if it would retain it’s nutritional value if you were to bake it into something or cook it. Heat diminishes nutrition in veggies

  5. Marisa Kennedy says:

    I am becoming more interested in learning about healthy eating and supplements. Dr. Michael talked to us about the NanoGreens and I am definitely interested. I love reading information on people’s blogs and getting recipes for healthy foods. Thanks to the people that put the time into blogging what they know. Its great!!

  6. Tara says:

    We don’t eat nearly as healthy as we should but I do add ground flax seed to our smoothies, pancakes, banana bread, biscuits, etc. I try to eat a spinach salad everyday and try to make an effort to serve the family fresh fruit and a vegetable every night with supper. I’d love to try the Nano Greens! Love your recipes!

  7. wendy says:

    What? There are only like 2 comments on there of people’s new ideas. I need lots of ideas people! My kid LOVEs junk food – doesn’t love nutrient rich foods 🙂 But one thing I can do is give her ketchup to dip veggies in. It’s gross, I know, but she’ll eat most veggies with ketchup. I also make loads of muffins with shredded carrots, flax, wheat germ, and nuts in them. You can sneak almost anything into a muffin. Granted, I have also put chocolate chips in the muffins to get them down – but i think it’s a fair trade off. I don’t know.

  8. Callie says:

    I know I missed the deadline, but I like to grate veggies into sauces, dice them up fine to hide them in dishes, and also add them to smoothies. Fortunately my kids love salad, so I put lots of blood healthy greens in there and call it all lettuce. I also try to get my kidos to try at least one bite of the vegetable of choice at a meal. This has really worked for them learning to like things that they would otherwise assume they didn’t. 🙂

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