Easiest Hot Dip Ever

If the following ever applies to you this recipe is for you:
1) You just got invited to a party and need to make a quick appetizer to share
2) Your friends just showed up unexpectedly and you need a quick appetizer to share
3) You got invited to a party weeks ago and an hour before you’re supposed to leave you realize you’re supposed to bring an appetizer to share and you have very limited supplies in your house and you can’t run to the store because you’re alone with the kids and nothing is more scary than a grocery store with kids who are excited about going to a party in an hour.
4) You’re hungry

As long as you have the following 3 ingredients on hand and a bag of tortilla chips… you’re golden.

Cream cheese – you should pretty much always have some of this on hand. It lasts forever in your fridge so you really have no excuse not to… just sayin’

Shredded cheddar cheese – again… another staple in most households…

Salsa – this SHOULD be a staple in all households!!! It is here!! If you’re looking for the perfect homemade salsa recipe… click HERE!!

OK, you’re set. Grab a shallow baking dish and plop in your cream cheese. You don’t have to wait for it to soften… especially if you don’t have time!!

Spread it around. You don’t want it terribly thick. Probably a 1/4 or 1/3 inch or so is good. Trust me, I love cream cheese so if it needed more… you’d hear it here 🙂 Please don’t use a ruler for this, trust your judgement!!

Next comes the salsa. Not sure why I was laddleing it on here… I was rushed and freaking out a bit. You can feel free to just dump it on.

Spread that around… You don’t want a ton of salsa or it will get soupy. Just enough to cover the cream cheese.

Finally, sprinkle on a good amount of cheddar and there you have it! Cover it with foil and pop it in the oven at 375 until it’s all melty and bubbly. I don’t have an after picture of this one because as soon as it was done we were headed out the door to our party!!

I have a feeling you’re going to make this and when you do you’ll hear…
“Who made this dip?!?!”
And you’ll say, “I did”
and you’ll hear, “I gotta get the recipe. What’s all in it??”
And you’ll tell them
and you’ll hear, “No… really. Is that all?!?!”
and you’ll say, “Yep, that’s it”
and you’ll year, “I can’t believe it. It’s so good!! I’m going to have to make it sometime!”
and you’ll say, “The Kitchen Tutor told me you’d say that!”
and you’ll hear, “The who???”
and you’ll say, “I’ll send you the link…”
then everybody wins 🙂

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2 Responses to Easiest Hot Dip Ever

  1. Callie says:

    Super Yum! How much cheese do I put on? 🙂

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