Pistachio Crusted Chicken Stuffed w/ Goat Cheese

I don’t believe in coincidence, everything happens for a reason. This chicken helped solidify that even more today πŸ™‚ I was supposed to make some appetizers for a birthday party this weekend which I will make on here soon and they will blow your mind! Unfortunately the party was rescheduled and the apps weren’t needed. I had the ingredients in my fridge, which included goat cheese and pistachios… 2 ingredients I don’t usually have on hand and I don’t use too often cooking.

I needed to use them up and so my brain came up with this… and it was SOOO good… seriously good. Winning!!

Also, I threw on a side of one of my favorite vegetables, brussel sprouts.

Brussel sprouts just don’t get the love they deserve… My Dad used to call them goat’s eyes and so for the first 25 years of my life I avoided them like the plague. I rediscovered them a few years ago and they are now on my veggie top 10. If you haven’t tried them lately or have only had the ones in the can, you gotta give these guys another chance, for me πŸ˜‰

To prep them just wash them up and then chop off the ends…

Then peel off any of the loose or wilted leaves

When you have done that with all of them…

Start chopping them in half. If they are super big you can quarter them if you want.

I did this hours before dinner so I threw mine in a bowl, covered them and into the fridge they went. I love prep you can do long before dinner. It makes dinner time so much easier!

OK on to the main event. I had 3 chicken breasts, random but true.

I cut a deep pocket into each one of them…

Then I took my log of goat cheese and sliced it into 3 sections right in the container

Then I stuffed it into the chicken. You wouldn’t HAVE to use all the cheese and you could do this with 4 chicken breasts… the label on the cheese did say it was 4 servings… just sayin’

then I poked a toothpick through the top and bottom to keep them closed during baking so the cheese wouldn’t ooze out… we don’t need that!!! Oh, and I heated my oven to 350 at some point…

Next the chicken went into a baking dish.

I drizzled some olive oil on them and brushed it around to cover the surface.

Then I seasoned them with salt and pepper…

Next I started sprinkling on the crushed pistachios…

So as I was doing this I starting thinking maybe it would have been a better idea to roll the chicken in the pistachios and then I thought about it and I decided this was better. If you have a plate of crushed pistachios and roll the chicken in them you will still have a plate of pistachios leftover but they will be garbage since they now have chicken goo on them. Instead just sprinkle liberally all over the chicken and when you are done pick up the chunks that fell to the side and press them onto the chicken… then you can eat all the leftover pistachios… they aren’t cheap, people!! Wow… that kinda escalated…

Back to your new favorite vegetable… heat a bit of oil in a pan over med high heat. When it is hot dump in your brussels sprouts.

Toss a little salt and pepper on them…

Roughly chop up a couple of cloves of garlic…

After they have been browning for about 5 minutes drop in your garlic and give it a good stir.

Once the garlic has had a minute to warm up pour on about 1/4 cup chicken broth. No more… this is going to steam the brussels sprouts and add flavor, you’re not boiling them…

Give that all a quick stir…

Then pop a lid on them but leave it cracked just a bit. Reduce the heat to low…

In about 3-5 minutes they will be perfectly done. You want them to still have some crunch so don’t overcook them… nobody likes soggy brussels sprouts…

After about 25-30 minutes your chicken will be done!! The cheese on the left didn’t ooze out by the way… It squished out when I pushed on the chicken to check its doneness… my fault… Let the chicken rest for about 5 minutes so it retains its juices and doesn’t dry out.

I like to transfer mine to a cutting board and slice before plating it. That way it’s easy to eat and it looks delicious!! I would serve this to guests in a heartbeat… it was so easy and tasted fantastic.

It paired great with the brussels sprouts and… well… blue rice… It’s technically brown rice but our kids get really excited about food when we make it fun and so blue rice was requested tonight πŸ™‚

Aside from that this would make a great dish for a dinner party or any night of the week too. It was meant to be… and you should try it!!

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3 Responses to Pistachio Crusted Chicken Stuffed w/ Goat Cheese

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  2. This was great! I used queso fresco because I couldn’t find goat cheese at my grocery store, and I’d never tried brussel sprouts, they weren’t bad! πŸ™‚ I also served it with rice, and also a caprese salad. I’ll definitely make again!

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