Cottage Pie

Cottage pie is a favorite comfort food at our house. Mashed potatoes, meat and veggies in gravy… It’s great for a chilly day. It’s also a great way to clear out any vegetables that need to be used up ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s also easy to make and most of the work can be done ahead of time.

I used to refer to this dish as shepherd’s pie but then I learned that shepherd’s pie is when it is made with lamb, which make sense with shepherd. But if it’s made with any other meat it’s cottage pie… so… there’s a fun fact for you.

I start by taking a large bowl and gathering all the vegetables I’m going to use. I started with the end of a bag of frozen peas…

Technically corn is a starch but we’ll get over that for this recipe…

I had some frozen green beans that needed to be used up. You can use the fresh versions of any of these as well…

Next came a pile of peeled and chopped carrots. This is a bit of a rustic dish so don’t worry about perfectly shaped pieces here… just chop and drop.

I roughly chopped up a small onion and threw that in.

I had half of an orange pepper I needed to use up so that went in to. I also love fresh asparagus in this dish but we didn’t have any on hand. You can put pretty much any vegetable in here. I did this hours before I actually cooked this dish. I just covered the veggies and set them aside on the counter. The frozen ones on the bottom kept everybody cool ๐Ÿ™‚

I also peeled and chopped up some potatoes, covered them in cold water, put a lid on them and set them on the stove for later.

Later that night… I got out a pound of ground beef and started browning it. I seasoned it with some salt and pepper. If you wanted to do chicken or a different meat here you sure could. You could also do a meatless version and throw in some beans. Up to you!

After the meat had browned I emptied it into a colander to drain and added a bit of oil and butter to the hot pan. I immediately dropped the entire bowl of veggies into the pan.

I gave these a good stir and put a lid on them to steam and cook through for a bit. You don’t want to cook these until they are tender because they will be baked for a bit later on. You just want them to start to soften here.

Once they start to soften bring the meat back in…

Next I added a couple of cups of beef stock…

I also added a good pinch of thyme and salt and pepper. You will want to check your seasonings here. ย Make sure the flavor is right.

Now here’s the bad news… I had some great shots for the next few steps but somehow deleted them… I was very upset and growled at my computer but nothing seemed to bring them back so you’re going to have to use your imagination here…

Next I used about 1/2 a cup of beef stock and mixed it with a couple of tablespoons of corn starch. I added that to the pan and stirred until the mixture was thick. I then turned the heat off of that.

Next I mashed the potatoes but made sure they were a little on the thick side. I poured the meat mixture into my pretty red round baking dish with scalloped edges… oh, how I hate that I deleted those pics!!!

I topped the mixture with the potatoes and sprinkled them with a little bit of shredded cheese then into the oven at 350 for about 20-25 minutes…

Next it came out looking like this… I could only take a picture of half of it because that’s all that was left by the time I realized I had deleted that group of pictures…grrr.

But just look at that baked on melty cheesy goodness ๐Ÿ™‚

and I managed to save the close up ๐Ÿ™‚ This is what you really need to see anyway!! Bottom line, this dish is easy and delicious and you can sneak a ton of veggies in here and your family will not argue a bit when they see the pile of potatoes and gravy goodness underneath. You gotta try this!!

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