Sweet & Sour Chicken

I had seconds…

We hadn’t had stir fry in a while and I have a trusty stand by run of the mill sauce I usually mix up but tonight I wanted to try something different. I’d never done a sweet & sour sauce so I did a little research and then came up with my own version. It was tasty.

It all started with these 2… They were just on the edge of being too ripe and starting to get wrinkly… I had to use them, they are too delicious and nutritious to throw out. Did you know the average red pepper has the vitamin C of 4 oranges?!?! Anyway… I needed to use them up so I immediately thought stir fry…

This is a good lesson in prep work too. I knocked out a lot of this in the early afternoon during my kids’ nap time so I could be ready to rock before dinner and not lose time hanging out with them. You could do the vegetable and meat prep work hours before you cook. If you work during the day you could knock this out in the morning or even the night before.

I cut up my peppers, oh and I found an orange one too ;-), and covered them in plastic wrap… threw them in the fridge.

Then I found a couple of chicken breasts just lying around…

I cut them into bite sized pieces and put them in a bowl, covered them with plastic wrap and off I went about my afternoon.

Later that day… I threw some rice in the rice cooker and started getting ready to cook. I finely chopped about 3 cloves of garlic…

I thinly sliced about 1/2 of an onion…

In a measuring cup I gathered 1/4 cup honey. Most of the recipes I found used white sugar but I knew honey would give a richer flavor to the sauce and it’s so much better for you. Besides… I have a great local raw honey hook up so if you need some… let me know 🙂

I poured about 1/4 soy sauce over that. I use San-J gluten free soy sauce. I can’t tell a difference in taste. Why does soy sauce need wheat??? Sorry… moving on…

I then did 1/4 cup white vinegar… for the sour…

To help it thicken later I finished my sauce off with about a Tbs of corn starch.

I had heated up about a Tbs or so of oil in my skillet over high heat. When it was hot I threw in the chicken and peppers. You gotta keep stir fry moving in the pan so be ready with your spatula…

Keep tossing it around. You’re not really trying to get a sear or browning on anything here.

After a few minutes I threw in my onion slices.

After another minute I dropped in the garlic… I continued to toss it around for a few more minutes.

My last addition was a pile of sugar snap peas. I didn’t want these really cooked so I waited to add them at the last minute. I mostly wanted them warmed up.

As soon as everything was in the pan I whisked my sauce together quick and poured it in…

I tossed it around a bit and then turned off my heat. If I had a gas stove I would have probably kept it on for another minute but I knew the burner would be hot for a while yet and it only takes a minute or so for this stuff to thicken, then you’re set to go!

There is some amazing brown rice buried deep in there but I figured you could guess what that looked like… Stir fry is really a great way to pack in a lot of great vegetables that haven’t been over cooked. The less they are cooked the more nutritional value they contain. The sauce is tangy and savory and sweet and… well, tasty. You gotta try this!!

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