Taco Pizza

Oh goodness… am I ever going to stop posting recipes for Mexican fare… probably not… maybe tomorrow. I’ll let you know 🙂

This is my favorite meal to make out of leftovers from taco night. I do not let all the food get eaten on taco night in fear that I might not be able to eat these for the next few days. So good and good for you! I promise!

Start with a tortilla. I do brown rice because, well, I have to but I don’t think I’d use flour even if I could for pizzas. These are much better… in my opinion.

Next I smear on some leftover refried beans. If there is rice leftover I put that on. If there is meat leftover I put that on. This week everything got eaten but the beans… fine by me!

Then I sprinkle on some cheese. Cheddar, mozzarella, colby, Monterrey jack… really doesn’t matter. Now I pop mine into my lovely toaster oven. You could put them in a regular oven or even in a hot skillet with a lid.

Now a note on avocados… You can store these babies in the fridge for a couple of days even after you’ve cut into them. YOU MUST LEAVE THE PIT IN! That’s the trick. This one fared pretty well with only light browning but I just took a sharp knife and sliced a thin layer off the top and POW!!

Good as new!! Well… ignore the creepy part on the left there but overall still good.

Also, while your pizza is cooking you can chop up some fresh spinach or lettuce and maybe some red pepper, fresh tomato, onion, olives… whatever you have around.

Ah… here we are out of the oven. I put mine on a paper towel next because I like to cut mine before topping it and this makes it easier to transfer it to a plate. If I wait to cut it until after I put the toppings on I smash all the good ingredients with the pizza cutter. I’m a bit picky, I know… you cut yours whenever you want 🙂

I like mine in small slices so I feel like I get more!!

Let the toppings begin!! I did some red pepper…

Then I sliced up some avocado while it was still in its skin… shell… whatever it’s called…

Oooohhhh…. isn’t that pretty!!! Yum…

It gets better people… drizzle on some fresh salsa

and finally my fresh spinach. One time I mixed a tablespoon of sour cream with fresh squeezed lime juice and drizzled over this… SO GOOD!! I didn’t have any sour cream today or I would have loved to show you that…

It’s Friday so I crushed up a few corn chips with my hands to finish it off… No one was looking…

Couldn’t resist!! This is my favorite lunch!!! You gotta try this!!!

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