Sugar Cookies – Part 2

Ready to bake those cookies!?!? I am!!!

Here’s what you’ll need…

The chilled cookie dough, flour, parchment paper, rolling pin, cookie cutters, spatula, cooling racks, and baking sheets. Small child to the left in Batman shirt optional…

Find a nice flat surface where you will roll out your dough, clean it up. Sprinkle flour on a good sized space. There isn’t a specific amount, just get some on there. If your dough sticks a lot you’ll know you need more.

Dig out a hunk of dough. This is about 1/2 of the batch I made the other day. Cover your hands with flour and start to smash it around and get it pliable… like play-doh.

Once you get it kinda softened up form it into a disk and drop it on your floured surface. Sprinkle a little flour on the top and make sure you rub some flour on your rolling pin.

Roll it out a bit and then you can flip it over if you want. Obviously I had a bit too much flour on my surface but this dough is amazing and it’s not going to hurt it a bit.

I roll mine out to a little over a 1/4 inch thick.

Get your cookie cutters out and start in on the fun part! If your cookies do start to stick to the surface use a small offset spatula to give them a little assistance.

Line them up on your parchment lined baking sheets. Parchment paper is key here, please use it 🙂

Here they are… ready for the oven! 350 degrees to be exact! I make sure my racks have one empty rack space between them. I put the cookies on the bottom to start and then when the next pan goes in I move the bottom one to the top rack. Does this make a difference? I have no idea… just habit and I like to be able to see the ones that will need to come out soon.

This is where you have to pay attention, kids. This pan has just been moved up to the top rack. See how they look “wet” on top. This means they are not done. As soon as they look dry or kinda dusty on top… take them out! Sugar cookies don’t need to be brown or golden around the edges. If you take them out when they are just right they will be as soft as a pancake. If you take them out a little early the will look like they have freckles. This takes some time to get the hang of but once you do… they will melt in your mouth!! The time is about 10-12 minutes by my clock and oven but every oven is different so get to practicing!!

These are done perfectly…

See… no brown edges… just soft goodness here…

I leave mine on the baking sheet for about a minute and then straight to the cooling rack until they are completely cool.

If you’re a go-getter you can frost them now… I’m lazy so mine go into storage. I freeze mine and they thaw out just perfectly but you could keep them at room temp if you plan to frost them soon or even in the fridge.

Next up, frosting!!

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Link to Part 1

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4 Responses to Sugar Cookies – Part 2

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  2. Ashley says:

    How you get every batch to come out perfectly blows my mind. Do you hvae an eye on the oven the whole time? Made these today…….maybe 1/4th of mine look this good)

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