Italian Sausage with Thai Peanut Sauce & Noodles

Yeah… and it tasted that good too…

This dish kinda sums up why I wanted to do this blog in the first place. A friend of mine made a dish similar to this for my family when we were over dinner one night. It was amazing!! She had asked ahead of time if we liked Thai food and I was a bit hesitant. My husband almost ate before we left our house but decided to trust her cooking and ended up inhaling the dish! The kids even liked it!

I meant to but never got around to getting the recipe from her. Tonight it just sounded so good and I had to have it. I decided to wing it! I searched online for some similar recipes and took a little inspiration from each one I read through, then I went into the kitchen and took an inventory of what I had on hand and went from there. That’s what I’d love to inspire you to do! You don’t need to run to the store before you try a new recipe, use what you have! What’s the worst that could happen… 🙂

The original dish I tried used chicken but today we had some spicy Italian sausage thawing out so that’s what I used and it ended up giving the dish a good flavor. Here’s how the sausage started out…

Then I removed it from its natural casing so I could crumble it up.

Then… you guessed it. I threw it in a pan that had been heating up some olive oil over med-high heat.

While that was rolling along I peeled and cut some cucumber into strips. It looks a little pale here but I’m still working on my camera skilz so be kind.

I’m really excited to show you this… my bell pepper technique. Try this and you will look at prepping bell peppers in a whole new light. You’ll start using bell peppers in every meal just so you can practice this technique… seriously.

Take your chef knife and carve one side of the pepper off starting at the top and moving along the curve of the pepper so that you maximize the chunk of pepper you get but also minimize the amount of white “rib” you get on your pepper.

Turn the pepper a 1/4 turn and do the exact same thing…

Turn the pepper a 1/4 turn and do it again… it’s so easy it’s going to blow your mind 🙂

Turn the pepper one last time and carve the last side off… and now all the extra white “rib”, all the seeds and stem are in one nicely packaged unit you can pick up and throw out. No picking out seeds, no rinsing water to get all those little boogers out… you’re done.

And you have 4 beautiful pieces of pepper ready to go.

Cut those into thin strips and into thirds or whatever size you prefer.

I also got out some sugar snap peas to throw in. There really wasn’t much involved besides taking them out of the bag so I didn’t take a picture…

Next I diced up a few cloves of garlic nice and small. You could use a garlic mincer but I like a little size to my garlic… I’m crazy like that.

Back to the pan… add about 1/2 cup of chicken stock.

Next I threw in a few tablespoons of soy sauce to get some more flavor going.

Next came about 1/4 cup, maybe a bit more of peanut butter. I don’t think it really matters whether you go with creamy or crunchy here…

Next came a good long squeeze of honey.

Give that a good stir and let it hang out while the peanut butter gets all good and melty and all the flavors meld together. You could do some chili sauce here to spice things up. I knew the sausage had some bite and since my kids would be eating it too I held off but give it a try if you like that sort of thing!

Sometime while this was all going on you need to make some noodles. I did gluten-free spaghetti but you could really do any noodle you like.

Once the sauce is done and the noodles are ready… get ready to move quickly.

Dump the meat and sauce over the noodles in a large bowl.

Throw all your fresh veggies on top…

Toss everything together and serve it hot! This is not a dish you’re going to want to try to keep hot for a long time or make a bunch for leftovers. The fresh veggies make it great for a quick serve dish.

You could add some great color and flavor here with red and yellow bell peppers, some fresh herbs, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, crispy noodles, red pepper flakes, thinly sliced asparagus… imagine the possibilities here!!! Try this!!

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