Creamy Chicken and Rice

Need an easy comfort food… and quick!?!? I’ve got one for you.

There isn’t much to this one but it’s a staple at our house and if you haven’t tried it, you gotta!!

Here’s how it goes down at our house…

First the secret to making good rice,

That’s my best advice, folks πŸ™‚ I got this little beauty on Craigslist for about $10 new in the box. It was worth every penny. I dreaded making rice before this came into my life.

Now I just throw some brown rice (that’s right, brown rice is where it’s at), water, oil, and salt and shut the lid. Just set it and… you know the drill πŸ™‚ Love it!! We’re only about 2 minutes in and 1/3 of your meal is all but done.

Mmmmm… raw chicken. Nothing glamorous about this. Just a couple chicken breasts with some salt and pepper.

I need some catchy short way to say “Heat some olive oil in a pan over med-high heat” because I will say it often here. Yes, this is the same picture from my steak recipe. I’m still using the free version of Flickr folks so here’s my oil in a pan shot until I splurge for the upgrade πŸ˜‰

Drop your chicken into the hot pan. If you are using a non-stick pan you have some wiggle room to adjust your chicken. If you are using a stainless steel pan, like this, once you drop those babies into the pan… don’t try to move them until they are seared. Your chicken will look like it lost in the tug of war between you and the pan. Patience is key here.

After about 5-7 minutes depending on how thick your chicken is or how long you spend emptying and reloading the dishwasher… your chicken will start to lose it’s pink color and the bottom will have a beautiful sear on it.

Kinda like this. Love that color. That color is pure flavor. I usually pop a lid 3/4 on the top of the pan at this point to keep in moisture and let the other half of the chicken cook. At some point in here start working on your vegetable side. I just boiled up some sweet corn cause the whole point of this dish was to be easy. No broccoli rabe here.

Next, the hero. The thing that’s going to pull it all together in one fell swoop. Of course, you could make your own cream sauce but for a quickie comfort food night I’m not gonna lie… I love this shortcut. This brand is friendly to all the gluten free readers out there, BTW.

After the other side of your chicken has a good sear on it and the chicken is mostly cooked just pour the can of soup into the pan. It’s going to bubble violently but that’s good. Take your wooden spoon and scrape up all those tasty bits off the bottom of the pan.

Turn the heat down and let this hang out for a while. You want the soup to reduce and thicken but not too much so I usually pop the lid on for the last few minutes while you’re getting everything else pulled together. Taste it to see if it needs any salt and pepper at this point. Also, turn the chicken once or twice and “baste” it with the soup to keep the flavor coming.

Plop some veggies down, add a nice bed of brown rice, and a piece of chicken. You’re gonna want to spoon a good amount of this “sauce” all over your chicken and rice cause it is de-lish!

How about that for easy! And if you don’t count oil and spices we’re only up to 4 ingredients! Quick, easy, and so good!! Try it!

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