Steak with pan sauce

Mmmmmm… steak. You know you want to take a bite outta this. You can. Well, not this exact steak, but you can replicate it in the comfort of your own home this weekend. Here’s how…

Get a pan over med-high heat rolling with a bit of olive oil. Also, have a steak on hand… that’s important but I didn’t take a picture of the steak sitting on the counter. Season your steak with salt and pepper, that’s really all steak wants. Be sensitive to what your steak wants 🙂

Once that oil is good and hot throw that slab of meat in there. Also, throw on some thinly sliced onion. Steak and onion will meet here and really start to get to know each other. They’ll exchange notes on flavor profiles and talk about their day… I’m a stay at home mom with 2 small kids and no cable TV… just let me go on this one.

Depending on the thickness of your steak and how well you want it cooked you will let this go for a few to more than a few minutes, then give it a flip and stir the onions around a bit.

After a few +/- minutes on the other side take the steak out and put it on a plate and wrap that baby in foil. It’s going to continue to cook a little bit and then rest and re-absorb all that good juicy-ness. It will miss the onions but the onions are about to embark on an incredible flavor adventure that they will tell the steak all about when they are reunited.

Oh man! I have totally ruined my nice stainless steel pan!! Nope… just good flavor there, chefs, and we’re going to get every last bit of it.

Turn the heat a little lower and throw on a couple pats of butter and just a smidge more olive oil to temper the butter’s burn temperature.

Let those onions get all nice and brown and toasty in there.

Drop a couple plops of spicy mustard in there to add a bit of spice and flavor.

The first time I made a pan sauce I was still freaking out a bit about the condition of my pan at this point. Then comes the magic. Pour a “healthy” amount of red wine into the pan. There will be a lot of smoke and mirrors at the point and then take your wooden spoon and scrap those tasty bits right off the bottom of the pan. This method actually leaves the pan easier to clean then if you were to call it quits before deglazing.

Don’t be afraid to get a bit of wine going here because you will be letting it reduce over the heat by about 1/2 it’s volume. After a minute give the sauce a taste and add salt and pepper to taste. Then let this hang out and stir occasionally as you get plates ready and what not.

Eventually you will end up with something like this… mmmm… Now, if you’re truly a steak lover, hold the plate that the steak has been resting on over your pan sauce and let all that juice/blood drain off into the sauce. Give it a stir… sooo good, trust me.

Now you can cut and plate it. The reunion between the steak and now caramelized wine soaked onions is a beautiful thing. Drizzle a couple generous spoonfulls of this goodness over the steak and there you have it folks 😉 Dig in!

No recipe here folks, just give it a try!

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4 Responses to Steak with pan sauce

  1. Carolyn says:

    Now that’s a steak! Yum!!

  2. paige says:

    can i just say that my mouth is currently running with saliva? and it honestly won’t stop.

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