The Kitchen Tutor…

Welcome to The Kitchen Tutor! It’s called The Kitchen Tutor for a couple of reasons. 1. the posts will almost always involve activity in the kitchen, and 2. because I would like to volunteer to be your own personal tutor 😉 Why “Tutor”?? Well, I’m not an “Expert” but I’m not a “Novice”. I thought the word tutor summed it up pretty well. Like a scholastic tutor I’m a “student” right along with you. I’m not the prof. I may know a few things, techniques, methods that you haven’t used before that might be helpful in your day to day cooking and I’d like to help you.
A tutor usually enjoys the subject they tutor in. I LOVE cooking. A good tutor will not just provide you with the answers (think recipes) but will help you learn how to get to those answers on your own (think NO recipes). Of course, the tutor gives you generalizations and helpful tips and hints so that you’re not grasping in the dark. You see where this is going?? 🙂
I believe one of the main reasons I have such a love for cooking is that I don’t see any restrictions on that love. I hear from people that are chained to recipes and I have no doubt that they don’t enjoy cooking all that much. Who wants restrictions, who wants boundaries??? DON’T FENCE ME IN!!!
I want to teach you how to discover the freedom in recipeless (not sure if it’s a word) cooking. I want to teach you how to make things when you don’t have a certain ingredient or even half the ingredients in the original recipe. I want to teach you how to cook without fear, without concern, without thinking about grabbing your measuring spoons!! You can do this!! And when you do… I believe you will start to enjoy cooking because it will be a creative extension of you… not something you have to do in a certain way because someone once typed it that way.
Imagine the possibilities!!!
Of course, I will give you general amounts to use while cooking to get you started but my main goal is to get you to start to think about adding a little bit of this or changing what I put in to something you like better, something your kids will actually eat 🙂 I want to inspire you to get in that kitchen and experiment!! To get crazy!! What’s the worst that could happen?!?! You have 1 or 2 or 3 or more… opportunities to practice every day so you really have no excuse… let’s get started!!

As I mentioned I’m also a “student” so PLEASE leave comments on tips and tricks that have and have not worked for you. I’m always looking for ways to improve my cooking and love to hear what works for others!

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7 Responses to The Kitchen Tutor…

  1. saltnstuff says:

    Hey! Very nice. Love the picture and love the concept. You will do great with this!

  2. Stacey says:

    Love it. Love you 🙂

  3. Niki says:

    Is that a beta fish in a jar?

  4. Mandy says:

    I love this! I want to try everything you posted on here already! Love the step-by-step photos. The chicken stir fry made me salivate, seriously. Thinking that or the creamy chicken is for supper tomorrow! Thanks!

  5. Ashley Jorgensen says:

    You speak my language! Cooking without boundries…that’s how I roll! I love your pics. Thanks for sharing your passion Laura! Love ya!

  6. Ashley Jorgensen says:

    Here’s an old friend of mine’s food blog…she’s awesome.

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